Eve GUI Mockup, 3rd October 2009

I have most certainly made some progress on Eve.

Over the past week I took another look at the Eve project, made some necessary re-factorings and started sketching out a new concept for the user interface. The resulting program isn’t much more than a mock-up, but it is something. Currently the Project resource browser is slightly working, the scrubbing interface is partially complete (the fine-tuning interface at the bottom there still needs implementation), and tagging functionality has to be added in the GUI (the backend is in place).

I was thinking of continuing on with the GUI and really polishing the interface, but I think I’ll save that for when some back-end compositing functionality is done. To that end, here’s the order in which the next month or so will go (I hope! gulp).

  1. Implement the Gstreamer FrameProducer. I’m proud to say that Gstreamer’s Source is already complete! For now, the FrameProducer will–at a loss of performance–use RGBDataSink and marshal that data into a BufferedImage.
  2. Create an implementation of the Compositor class using Java2D/BufferedImage.
  3. Continue building the pieces that the Compositor depends upon until simple timelines render (one track, A then B then C then D).
  4. Modify the classes that do the compositing so that they marshal correctly to/from XML.
  5. Create an XMLCompositorRunner that will take input from an XML file and composit it to an output.

After this–yikes. Well I’m not even going to really expand on it, because obviously it’s a big if that these five items are ging to get accomplished given that it’s Midterm season already!