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The following things are on my mind right now, and I really want to learn more about them/have the time to use them or participate in them/come up with brilliant things based on them.

  • OpenCL is a standard interface for programming GPUs or CPUs (think: Cell processor) in a unified way. They’ve solved the problem of making something generic that also has the ability to use every smidgeon of computing power that you throw at it. I can’t wait to use it to implement the main Eve compositor.
  • The CS Games 2009 Flashout video for the U of T team.
  • Raytracing has been on my mind for nearly a week now, ever since the final assignment specification for CSC418 (Computer Graphics) was posted. It’s already casting rays and intersecting with spheres correctly. Next up is to implement a generic framework to allow for distribution of rays, so that I can flick them on and off whenever I want (these are the Features I was talking about previously). With this generic framework, the renderer could model soft shadows, motion blur, chromatic dispersion, and depth-of-field in the same way (before optimization).
  • Should I name my raytracer? It seems premature and cocky at this point, especially if I’m just going to drop it after the assignment is complete. There’s enough interesting stuff happening in raytracing that will make me want to continue, however. The key word here is probably want.
  • I’m looking forward to going back home for the university’s Reading Week. That’s not always the case (and I’m usually sick during it), which is why it’s exciting that I am not and am (respectively) this year.
  • I’m eagerly awaiting the response to the NSERC application I’m involved in, especially because the project behind it is so interesting. I’ll elaborate if the response is positive!

So I’m on the CS Games team now for the University of Toronto, and I’m creating the so-called “Flashout Video” for our team. The production will probably follow a mockumentary style (and that got a bit of showing of support at the meeting today), but I’ve asked for some more suggestions/comments so that we can focus on something that the majority of my teammates are interested in.

Oh, and I’m also doing AI and Web programming for it. I’m anticipating an extremely fun time!

My name is Cameron Gorrie; I’m a third-year (at the time of writing) undergraduate Computer Science student at the University of Toronto. I’ve set up this blog as a reminder to myself: document everything! Hopefully, there will be the side-effect of showcasing some interesting things to anyone who wants to see them. What kinds of interesting things?

I’m writing a video editing system using Java, Swing, Gstreamer, and OpenGL. It’s tentatively called Eve, a short form for “the Extensible Video Editor” (right now, it’s “the Eventual Video Editor”. Every computer scientist is also a comedian). So far a great deal of the back-end work is complete, and Gstreamer is even loading movie files on both Ubuntu and Windows Vista. Everything is pluggable and the system has even been designed with the front-end/back-end paradigm in mind, so that the two can run in entirely different processes. I will be documenting some of the back-end choices I have made to this blog in the coming weeks, so if this has piqued your interest make sure that you check back.

I’m assisting in the research of the usability factor of various parallel programming systems with Greg Wilson and another undergraduate student, Andriy Borzenko at the University. The research is in its preliminary stages, and already I feel like I’m in over my head — but in a certain charming manner, as if I could dance around the details of mainframe systems programming and still get something out of it. It should be interesting!

In the summer of 2008, I interned for a software development company called The Jonah Group, developing large-scale business software. They’re a fantastic bunch of people and I recommend them if you’re looking for custom software or web development done right. Their track records for delivery and cost estimation are among the best in the business, if they aren’t putting everyone else in the dust. I’m now working with them part-time.

Personally, I am somewhat of a photographer and create quite a lot of video. My research interests are AI, computer vision, parallel programming, and image analysis/manipulation. I’ve edited and helped film quite a few comedic short productions. Stay tuned.

Next up: design documentation for Eve, a necessary plug for Gstreamer, and some thoughts on parallel processing.

Who’s writing this?

My name is Cameron Gorrie. I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, with a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics. You can read more about me, or read my CV. If you have work or research opportunities in my interest areas, please do not hesitate to contact me.
April 2021