Eve will be a cross-platform, high-performance non-linear video editing system. It is written in Java and utilises either the GPU or the CPU to provide fast and accurate audio and video compositing. It uses Gstreamer as its media back-end, though this is “pluggable”, as is the rendering layer.

Eve will eventually be a platform to aid computer vision research, due to its (slight) GPU abstraction layer and powerful metadata capabilities, making computation of data easy to put into the pipeline at any point in the process (i.e. one can easily tweak what is done as a pre-process and what is done online). Eventually Eve will make use of the Processing Library, so that plug-in writers and power users can play around with data in a very artist-friendly manner. There will also be a workflow for creating plug-ins in MATLAB, with the hope to aid rapid sharing of new CV research.


Currently, Eve is in GUI mock-up.

To learn more about Eve’s current status, make sure to take a look at the latest posts in the Eve category.

Next Milestones

See this posting for the most recent milestone list. The lion’s share of that work might get done by November.

Once the backend is stable in rendering simple projects, progress will start to enter more cohesive “phases” (i.e. implement something in the backend, make it available in the GUI). My hope is that by bringing features to the GUI quickly, Eve will gain a user base that much faster.